Flying Piece Of Metal Penetrates BMW Missing Driver’s Head By Inches

The Latvian driver of this BMW 5-Series is one lucky son of a gun. The hole you see in the windshield was created by a flying piece of metal that hit the Bimmer when it was travelling on the road. The metal smashed the windshield, bypassing the driver’s head by maybe less than an inch as you can see from the scratches on his headrest in the pictures after the jump and then it came out from the rear window. Absolutely mind blowing, isn’t it… -More images after the jump

Pics via: Englishrussia
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Digital Rearview Mirror For Bikes

We’ve seen people add all sorts of gadgets on their bike’s handlebar; speedometers, odometers, LEDs and so on, but we’ve never seen a digital rearview camera up until now. Cervellum’s prototype unit shown here features a 3.5-inch screen and a 4-hour battery life, along with 32MB of storage for workout data and four USB ports for expansion modules. According to the company, the not-yet-available prototype will retail for around $300 when it goes into production in 2008. -Continued

Link: Cervellum
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Video: Corvette’s Product Manager Shows Off The 2009 ZR1

Chevrolet Corvette product manager Harlan Charles walks around the all-new ZR1 showing us the car’s goodies. We also get the chance to see some additional footage of the 2009 Corvette ZR1 which is packed with a new, supercharged 6.2L LS9 small-block V-8 engine that produces 620 HP and approximately 595 lb.-ft. of torque (807 Nm). For details and high-res pics, click here.
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Ferrari Solstice: For Better Or For Worse?

It's a story you've heard many times; someone buys a car, he likes it general but there’s something about its appearance that doesn’t click. Mr “Mad Mod” in particular didn’t like his Pontiac’s front end so he decided to give it a nose-job by adding a Ferrari F430 inspired bumper.

Apparently the guy didn’t have any intentions of building a full F430 replica, which is a plus in our books. Of course, he kinda went overboard with the rims, the Lambo style doors and the Porsche Cayman inspired side air-vents, but no one is perfect. The specific Solstice has also been mechanically upgraded featuring among other things an aftermarket turbo that raises output to about 307 HP. -More pics after the jump

Via: , Source: Kitcars

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2009 Nissan GT-R Video: Full Test Reveals That It’s Faster Than Nissan Says!

When there’s a will (and plenty of cash…) there’s a way. Nissan might have not given the all-new GT-R for a full test drive, but the guys at Edmund’s Inside Line travelled all the way to Japan to test a privately owned Nissan GT-R on an airstrip outside Tokyo. The car, owned by Japanese journalist Jun Nishikawa was a Japanese-spec example with 1,500 km or 932 miles on its odo.

But enough with the chitty chat; here are the numbers that Edmunds testers came up with: the 2009 Nissan GT-R hits 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.3 seconds and the quarter mile in just 11,6 seconds at more than 120 mph or 196 km/h. Nissan officially claims that the 2009 GT-R needs 3.5 seconds for the 0-60 mph sprint… -Check out the video right after the jump

Via: Inside Line

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Teenager Sinks Fiat Punto In The Beach

An 18-year-old college student from Bolton, UK had the bright idea of taking his Christmas present, a used first generation Fiat Punto for a spin on Blackpool beach. A few minutes later Sam Hamilton’s Punto got stuck in the sand. Despite the youngster’s attempts to save the car, it was completely destroyed when the high tide came in.

The college student said: "I decided to go onto the beach because I thought it could be driven on like Southport. Then I realised the car had sunk." Sam tried calling recovery firms but a shortage of cash meant no private company would come. "I contacted one firm who said it would cost £60, but we only had £25 between us. They told me they might be able to help me but no-one came. We tried to move the car but couldn't. I phoned my mate from Bolton to help but by the time he arrived it was too late." Next time mate, stick to building sandcastles on the beach…

Via: Daily Mail

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Carscoop’s Most Popular Stories In 2007: July To September

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2009 Mercedes SL Facelift: First Official Photo, New SL 63 AMG

Looks like it’s the “AMG facelift” weekend as following yesterday’s pictures of the 2009 CLS 63 AMG (click here), here’s the first official photo of the revised SL AMG models. As with the CLS, the facelift concerns all the range but we’ll have to wait a couple of days to get all the details and pictures.

In concern of the facelifted SL AMG models and apart from the new rear bumper and diffuser, Mercedes has replaced the SL 55 AMG with the SL 63 AMG which gets a larger, naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine delivering 525 HP and 630 Nm of torque (SL 55 AMG: 5.5-liter supercharged V8 with 517 HP and 720 Nm of torque). The new SL 63 AMG sprints from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4,7 sec, meaning that it’s 0,2 sec slower than the outgoing SL 55 AMG. -Continued after the jump

There are no changes in the top-of-the-line SL 65 AMG which continues to use the 6.0-liter supercharged V8 that has an output of 612 HP and a monstrous maximum torque of 1,000 Nm. The SL 65 AMG goes from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.2 sec.

Via: Mercedes , Thanks for the tip Adrian!

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Weird: Destroyed Die-Cast Car Models

An Australian website (or at least we think its Australian since you have to pay in AUD) is offering a series of die-cast car models dubbed “Urban Collectables”. What’s weird with the three different models offered is that all of them showcase an accident: the joy ridden 2-door Hatchback, the Mini Van insurance scam and the petrol bombed Jeep. According to the seller, each Urban Collectable car has been individually hand burnt… Prices for all three car models are set at 49,95 AUD (about $43,70 or €29,70). -More pics after the jump

Via: Motorpasion , Link: chinnychinchin

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2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Facelift Pictures Leak Into The Net

Someone seems to have forgotten to close the door at Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division as a set of pictures featuring the slightly revised 2009 CLS 63 AMG model where leaked into the internet today. Of course, this means that the whole CLS range will receive a facelift for the 2009 model year line-up.

Compared to the current CLS 63 AMG, the facelift model gets a new mask with 2 grilles instead of 3, LED tail-lamps, a redesigned diffuser with new exhaust pipes, a carbon spoiler and new alloy rims. There’s no official information out yet, so we don’t know whether the 2009 Mercedes CLS AMG features any mechanical upgrades. -Continued after the jump


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Video: BMW M1 History

The first creation of BMW’s “M” division was the iconic M1 model which was built in just 451 examples between the years of 1978 and 1981. The first and only mid-engined BMW was developed in association with Lamborghini and designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The M1 employed a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter straight 6 engine delivering 277 PS and it could reach a top speed of 260 km/h or 162 mph. When it went on sale in Germany in 1978, the M1 cost about 100,000 DM (approx. $45,000). -See the video after the jump

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Cadillacamino: Based On 1974 Cadillac Coupe

After seeing the Porsche 928 and Audi TT “caminos”, this 1974 Cadillac Coupe based pickup that was built by Roger Trudeau doesn’t look so special. Though we do have to admit that we really liked the idea of the targa-bar mounted tail-lamps.

Via: Hemmings

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Video: 2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK Compact SUV Fully Uncovered

And to think that Mercedes-Benz plans on unveiling a pre-production prototype (see here) of the all-new GLK compact SUV at the Detroit Show in January… Like, what for; this new spy video that was taken during the filming of a scene from the “Sex and the City: The Movie” practically unveils the production version in all its glory! -See the video right after the jump

Via: Le Blog Auto

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Exclusive: VW Unveils Touareg Cabriolet!

Our Spanish buddies at Motorpasion surprised us this morning with the revelation of the first official picture of the new Touareg Cabriolet. There aren’t many details out yet on the drop-top crossover but Volkswagen Spain has opened up a microsite at “”. Oh and by the way, December 28 is the Day of the Holly Innocents in Mexico and Spain or in plain English, the Spanish “April Fools Day”…

Via: Motorpasion , Link: VW

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Illuminating Car Slippers With LED Lights

We’re betting that auto-enthusiasts will get a real kick… out of these ultra cool illuminating car slippers that come equipped with four bright LED lights that are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you. Plus, if you’re wearing them, your spouse won’t have any excuse to say that she didn’t notice you coming in… The illuminating red slippers come in three sizes M(7-8), L(9-10) and XL(11-12) at a price of $29.95 or approx €20.50

Via: Winding Road , Link: What On Earth

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Audi Receives 33,000 Orders For Its All-New A4 Sedan In Europe

Today Audi announced that 33,000 customers have already placed orders for the 2008 A4 in Europe. The new Audi A4 sedan has been available for test driving at Audi dealerships for just a few days now – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. In January 2008 the new A4 will also be launched onto the market in France and Spain, and will then gradually be introduced in the remaining European countries. In the United Kingdom, Audi’s strongest export market in terms of sales, the A4 will start selling at the end of February 2008.

“At the time of market launch in the first European countries we already counted 33,000 customer orders,” said Ralph Weyler, Member of the Board of Management at AUDI AG for Marketing and Sales. “The orders received and the impressive response from customers and the media have exceeded all our expectations. From our perspective, this is an extremely positive sign. As our most-sold model, the Audi A4 holds a special significance with respect to our ambitious goals.”

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Crazy Dude Stands On Motorcycle

This guy must certainly have a death wish. We can think of at least 20 things that could go wrong with this stupid stunt that was performed on a public road. And if he wants to die, it’s his choice, but what about the oncoming drivers; why should he endanger them?
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Honda Ridgeline Parade Float Transforms Into An Aircraft

Honda has released teaser pictures of its Ridgeline inspired parade float that will transform into some sort of aircraft at the 119th Rose Parade themed "Passport to the World's Celebrations," that will take place Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008 at 8 am (PST). On New Year's Day, the parade-watchers will watch the Honda Ridgeline-inspired truck rising from the bed of the float in a cloud of mist, become an airborne craft and 'blast off' with a replica of ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot, at the controls.

According to the Japanese carmaker, the hood of the truck will fold forward to become an aircraft cockpit, the doors and sides of the truck will unfold outward to become wings, the wheels will tuck under the body, and the bed of the truck will open and take on the form of an aircraft tail section, complete with rocket engines - and even real fire. -Continued

"American Honda is committed to creating products that give people mobility - on both two and four wheels, and soon, in the skies. This year's float takes a fun and imaginative look at what the future of mobility might hold," said Steve Morikawa, assistant vice president of American Honda Motor Co.

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