Monday Male

Riaan is an IT Technical Manager and a computer fundi aka geek. He also just happens to be my Boerewors and the father of my two beautiful girls. We have been married for 10 years and together for twelve. He is the love of my life and so he also deserves a Star Spot on my Monday Male.

Riaan constantly puts up with hearing stories about people he doesn’t know (my fellow Blog Friends in Bloggerville) and has had to deal with my obsession with blogging for two and a half years. He deserves a Blog Award for that one!! He helps me edit my html format from time to time, although I’ve become quite good with that too.

What’s it like being married to a 5 foot nothing Scottish redhead?

Well, what can a say, Scottish woman are feisty! Wouldn’t have it any other way though. Just as quick as her temper flairs up, just as quick it comes down. She is the love of my life and I am very lucky to have found her. She is the mother of my two beautiful daughters and she gives me everything I need.

What’s she like as a Mum?

Her kids means everything to her, she will go out her way to do anything for them, sometimes to her own demise. Kaylin has the knack of getting the better of her every now and then! She’s always cleaning up after the kids when they made a mess, with lots of complaining, but she still does it. She always thinks of the small little things that makes their life so much easier.

On Blogging

What do you think of her blog and her blogging?

At first I didn’t take much notice of it, was something to keep her busy. Now my mom, dad, sister and my brother (he’s in London) looks at her blog to see what we are up to. I guess it’s “our” little place in the interwebs to tell everybody what we doing and that we are still alive!

What’s the biggest challenge you deal with regarding this?

I sometimes have to fight for some of her time, most of the time when she gets home she plays with the kids while I cook. After we done eating she jumps on her blog to approve her comments and post her days events etc. Then it’s bath time for the kids and sleep time, by then we both are dead tired and just hit the bed to get some rest. Just so that we can repeat it all the next day!

Did you buy her a laptop so she could blog anywhere and everywhere?

She was always complaining that she wanted to sit in front of the TV or lay in bed at night to “blog”. So for her birthday I got her a laptop (and keep her from hogging my PC) so that she could blog wherever she wants. At least I got some brownie points for buying her a laptop!

On Family

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt by becoming a dad?

I always tell people that you have never experience love until you have kids. It’s just such an unconditional love that one has for your kids, you just can’t explain it.

Oh and before we had kids, you see the dads taking the half eaten sweets from their kids and eating it and you think - “I will NEVER do that!” Well, half eaten sweets aren’t that bad to be honest!

Whats the most important lesson you can teach your children?

NEVER trust strangers! Unfortunately this is the day and age we live in, sad but true!

That they can speak to me about ANYTHING, they must be able to trust me and I won’t be angry if they did something wrong.

On Work

Have you always been a computer geek?

Yes I have, I can remember I was in Standard 5 (Grade 7) and I said to my dad, “One day I will work with computers” It’s always been my passion.

Did you trying and built computers as a child?

Since I can remember I've been “tinkering” with computers.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on as an IT person?

In 2000 when I was working for IBM, I was sent to North Carolina in the USA for 4 weeks to write a book with 2 other guys. It was a very nerve wrecking experience but one of the most exciting moments in my life. Having your name printed in a book!

What would be your perfect job?

Where I have to do as little as possible and get as much as possible?! I’m always trying something new to make money, who knows! Maybe one day I’ll hit the jackpot!

On women

Have you ever written a poem for your sweetheart?

My poem writing ability is not be one of my strong points.  I have stopped counting how many poems I have started and deleted cause I just couldn’t find the words I was looking for. However there has been a few poems that finally reached my sweetheart.

Does love at first sight exist?

Yes I believe in love at first sight! We are a good example of that! Gillian and I moved in together after only 3 months!

Boy shorts or g-string?

G-stings for the win, boy shorts on a woman just don’t do it for me.

What are your five non-negotiable in a woman?

Be alive?  This is a tricky question as I believe it’s the whole package that makes the woman and not just specific things.

Bum or boobs man?


On randomness

What song would you choose as the soundtrack of your life?

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle.

One thing you like about living in SA?

It’s such a beautiful country and has so much to offer, stunning weather and amazing country sides. So many people live here but never explore what SA has to offer.

Thank you, Babe for finally agreeing to do Monday Male, even though you complained bitterly that there were "too many questions". 
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Family Ties: Audi Owner Rebadges TT Coupe as a Volkswagen

At a first glance, few would guess that the first generation Audi TT shares a platform, engine and most of its mechanics with parent company Volkswagen's Golf as well as the VW Jetta, New Beetle, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia etc., etc.

Call it down right honesty, call it stupid, you know, call it whatever, but the owner of this 2000 model year Audi TT Coupe, which is up for sale on eBay, had no problem at all replacing Ingolstadt's four-ring logos with the VW badge. He even went as far as adding a couple of VW emblems on the seats.

"I just added Volkswagen logos around to make it look different, since they are the same company," said the eBay with a sincerity that could do with a good a dose of self-irony. More pics for your enjoyment after the jump.

Kudos to Marcus for the tip! , Link: eBay

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Childhood Friends

I recently found a Group on FB that made me smile and brought back sweet memories.

Sunnyside Primary School in Pretoria

This is the school I attended when we first arrived in South Africa from Scotland.  I was 9 years old and I arrived toward the middle of their school year.  A brand new country, a brand new school, a whole different way of living....Everything was so new and foreign to me that I honestly thought my classmates were speaking another language.  I was initimiated and confused by the accent because it was so different and I had a hard time understanding it initially but I soon got the hang of things and started making friends.

I was the new foreign red head with the funny accent.  Ironic because I was the one who thought they sounded funny.

I didn't recognise any names at first in the FB Group, except for one wee boy who had posted a picture of himself as I remembered him.  From there, I found classmates who's surnames had changed and they remembered me.  

It took me back almost thirty years and the memories came flooding back.  Playing marbles with the boys in the dig outs on the playground, playing elastics with the girls and swapping pretty writing papers.  Attending parties and having my first crushes on boys. 

The great news is that we're having a reunion brunch at the end of the month to get together, catch up and share old photos from that time.

I then took a chance and went to find classmates from my primary school in Scotland - Bellfield Primary School but I couldnt' find anyone as there is no dedicated group.  I'll be adding one soon.  I dug out my old Bellfield Primary School T-Shirt today (the only item of clothing I have kept for 35 years).  I put it on Kaylin (my four year old) and took a picture of her wearing it. 

More memories came flooding back.  This time memories of school in Scotland and the friends I had there, playing violin and drying our pokees on the radiator when it snowed....

Have you kept in contact with anyone from primary school?

Kaylin wearing my 35 year old primary school t-shirt

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Volvo Preparing "Naughty" S60 for Geneva Show

Once a maker of some of the most boring to drive and mundane-looking bricks on wheels cars in the industry, Volvo has managed to turn up some pretty interesting proposals over the past few years - no thanks to FoMoCo's involvement.

Their latest and most likely last vehicle to be developed under the "loving" arms of Ford before the Swedish company falls into the hands of China's Geely Motors, is the all-new Volvo S60 sedan that will premiere at the Geneva Salon on March 2.

That we already knew. What we didn't know is that Volvo may surprise us with a sporty version(s) of the S60 as this blurred teaser image and a series of videos titled "Naught Volvos Are Coming" suggest.

Could it be that the Swedes are preparing the return of the 'R' series with a hotted up version of the 2011 S60 sedan?

That we'll have to wait until the opening of the Geneva Motor Show to find out, but we wouldn't be surprised if all this "naughty" promo-talk ends up being just another aero package of the same kind as Audi's S-Line or BMW's M Sport Packs.

Hat tip to 'Coco' for the photo and tip!

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Ford to Unveil New Focus Station Wagon at the Geneva Motor Show

At next week's Geneva Motor Show, Ford will stage the world premiere of the fifth member of its Focus family after the five-door hatchback, four-door sedan and the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX minivans, the station wagon model.

According to our sources, the more practical and roomy Focus SW (also known as the Estate in some countries) will initially be launched in Europe. However, if there's enough interest by buyers in other international markets, Ford will add the station wagon variant to its global range of Focus models in the very near future.

Other body styles planned to join the Focus family are a three-door hatchback, a convertible with a retractable hardtop, a replacement for the current Kuga SUV that's based on a modified version of the outgoing (Euro) Focus platform, while there's also been talk about a sporty two-door coupe model.

*The opening photo is a Carscoop CGI

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Equals Three - Ray William Johnson

Still love watching RWJ's stuff

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Photo Galore: 2011 Audi RS5 Coupe 450HP V8

Audi is now ready to show us a lot more of its Geneva Motor Show-bound RS5 as the Ingolstadt automaker published a slew of high-resolution images of the high-performance coupe that will take on the BMW M3 and its ilk. Like all RS models, the hottest A5 has been fully developed by Quattro, Audi's in-house performance division.

Under the bonnet of the sleek-looking coupe is a subtly tweaked version of the same naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8 engine found in the old RS4 and the R8. In the RS5, the high-revving V8 churns out 450HP at 8,250 rpm along with 430Nm (317.15 lb-ft) of peak torque between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm.

Those ponies are sent to all four-wheels through a seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission with Audi announcing a 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint time of 4.6 seconds and an electronically-limited top speed of 250km/h or 155mph. Hit the jump for the 55 new photos of the RS5 or click here to read the full details.


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